Many of us love to design our custom vehicles. For some cars are just a mode of transport, but for others the cars represent themselves. It is an expression of choice and personal taste. Customizing is an art, it comes with passion and practice. Many famous custom car shops started out so small in the beginning but became very popular and fruitful in the future. So if you think that you want your car to be customized, then you can very well go ahead and get it done. It brings out your personality and uniqueness.

Customize your Car

So if you want to customize your cars a little then the following things can get done:

  • Wheels and rims.
  • Suspension.
  • Window Tinting.
  • Exhaust.
  • Stereo

Wheels and rims:

Customizing the wheels and rims can bring many changes to the looks of your car. To make you’re your vehicle to look heftier, replace your car wheels with thicker and bolder wheels and with shiny rims. There are many rims available in various colors and designs in the market for your vehicle. Once you get the wheels and rims, make sure that they are of the correct size in the first place and then you can fit them.


If you want your car to resemble that of a sports car, then you need to make it a little lower. To make your cars lower, you need to change the suspensions. One way of doing this is by lowering the springs which work with the OEM shocks. The other way of lowering the car is to get a coil kit which gives you a greater drop in the height of the car. The toolkit can get a little expensive when compared to the OEM shocks. The control arms must be adjusted based on the drop in the height of your car. So if you had lowered your car to a considerable amount, then the control arm adjustments are mandatory.

Window Tinting:

When you tint the windows of your car, it gives not only a cooler look but also more relaxed feel. The tint on the windows make the interiors of the car cooler and protects you from the glare of the sun; this can also help you to drive better. Some sheets also have UV protecting features. Tinting can add to your privacy a security to whatever is inside the car.

Some states do not allow tinting of car windows, so if you live in a state or country which does not enable you to tint your windows, then you need to make sure that you don’t do that.


Changing the Exhaust of your car can give your car a sportier look. It is one of the easiest customizing option available to you. You can make the customized exhaust louder and bring attention. Again this depends on where you are planning to drive your car. If it is a place where you cannot drive with loud exhaust, then you need to watch over that.